Slovak presidential elections: A country at a crossroads between progression and regression

Our Miroslava Pěčková wrote a blog focusing on the 2019 Slovak presidential elections.

The two candidates promoted to the second round of the elections were civil activist and lawyer Zuzana Čaputová and Maroš Šefčovič, European Commissioner for the Energy Union. Second round will take place on March 30, 2019. 

With Čaputová leading by more than twice as many votes before entering the second round, Šefčovič praised a fresh start “from zero” during his speech at the end of the electoral night. However, with such a large discrepancy between the two candidates, it was expected that the two weeks of campaigning preceding the second round of the elections could get dirty.

In spite of very favourable results of the first round and the successive surveys, Čaputová can by no means consider it a given that she will win on Saturday 30th of March; Šefčovič was carried to the second round on the shoulders of the SMER party, which can be considered both a blessing and a curse given how divisive the party is to many Slovaks. However, with a diminished field of opposition, his extensive experience coupled with an emphasis on traditional family values and social political preference will make him an enticing alternative to most conservative voters. The battle for decent Slovakia is not won yet, but it seems to continue in the right direction.

You can read the full blog here.

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