The New Silk Road Controversy and the Beijing Summit

In her new blog, Hanka Burešová analyses the upcoming summit in Beijing from the perspective of China's OBOR project and its developments towards the EU.

It is important for China to gain support of the core European countries, who can influence the general response to OBOR throughout the EU – but even if companies seem ready to jump at the opportunities and most of the governments happy to accept cooperation, some media across Europe still depict OBOR as either a future threat to our sovereignties, or a project too big and risky to ever be successful.

The Beijing summit this month is intended to draw media attention and international support, but so far, it has only garnered mixed responses. Only 28 countries representatives are expected to be present, amongst them Vladimir Putin as the only representative from the BRICS countries. India is (justifiably so, given both countries’ history of territorial disputes) worried about the real intentions behind promised $45 billion economic corridor through Pakistan coming with a large port complex, which might, as some remark, also very easily turn into Chinese naval base.

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