The Czech perspective on the Commission ́s MFF proposal 8 months

Náš Vít Havelka publikoval Policy brief o české perspektivě ohledně návrhu Evropské komise na VFR.

  • The Czech Republic declared the Cohesion Policy (CP) and the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) as its key priorities in the post-2020 MFF negotiations. However, the current Czech position must be perceived as an initial stance for the negotiations.
  • The Czech Republic must decide to what extent it will support the “New Priorities” and how far it is willing to proceed with cuts in the two traditional EU policies – the CAP and CP. The economic position of the Czech Republic in the EU is changing and Cohesion-oriented approach to EU budget will not be sustainable in the long-term perspective.
  • Constructive position on Rule of Law Regulation might be an effective bargaining chip that might help the Czech Republic to be perceived as a moderate EU member state that does not question core European Values
  • The Czech government should start internally discussing the problems linked to the high concentration of the Czech agriculture industry. While it might be successful in averting the capping in the post-2020 MFF, these types of discussions will return in the future and demand more concrete action.

Celý policy brief je k dispozici skrz tlačítko PDF napravo od tohoto článku.

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Vít Havelka
Seniorní výzkumný pracovník

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