The Cipher Brief: Macron, Le Pen Offer France Stark Security, Defense Choices

Náš Martin Michelot přispěl do článku pro The Cipher Brief s analýzou postojů obou kandidátů, kteří postoupili do druhého kola francouzských prezidentských voleb, v otázkách terorismu a bezpečnosti.

From terrorism to Russia to European defense, the candidates are “polar opposites”.

Terrorism and security present a potential vulnerability for Macron, as Le Pen has suggested, given his lack of experience. However, he has built up a substantial team of security and defense experts, most notably French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, a very popular and well-respected figure whose endorsement was “badly needed” to push back against the perception Macron is weak on terrorism.

On the whole, however, the terrorism discussion during the campaign has not been serious because it has really been politicized and used as a personal attack by Le Pen to try to show Macron is unprepared for the fight against terrorism.

Le Pen has frequently talked about “no longer being the lapdog of the United States,” and in French political discourse NATO and the U.S. tend to be interchangeable. The far-right candidate often alludes to leaving NATO’s integrated command and building up the country’s own capabilities, saying that she “doesn’t want France to be forced into the battles of the Americans.”

Macron’s approach is probably the more realistic assessment of when France could actually reach that goal, and his breakdown is in line with the French defense establishment, which has largely rallied around Macron’s candidacy.

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