France and the V4 in a multi-speed Europe: rough times ahead?

Our Martin Michelot explores, in his latest policy paper, the relationship of France and the V4 group
outlining the long-term prospect of cooperation.

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Reforming the Common European Asylum Policy (CEAS)

Christian Kvorning Lassen has analyzed in his latest policy paper how the Common European Asylum System works
and to what extent the treatment of asylum seekers and the rate of recognition of applications vary in practice between EU members.

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Martin Michelot's French elections spotlight

Puzzled by the French presidential elections and its candidates? Or do you just wish to stay constantly updated on the topic?

Martin Michelot's French elections spotlight collects his every interview, comment and publication on the race – chronologically and continuously updated.

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About the organisation

EUROPEUM is a think-tank that undertakes programme, project,
publishing and training activities related to the European integration process.

We organize regular seminars and debates focused on the current European topics, which are open to the academic community as well as the general public. Furthermore, we organize a number of conferences, workshops and roundtables on specific selected European issues.
We participate in the organization of various long-term projects focused on increasing awareness about the European Union and strengthening of the international cooperation. Among our main projects are the Prague European Summit, an educational competition Europa Secura, a national identity conference CEE Identity and the European Summer School.
Our team of research fellows publishes regular articles responding to some of the most pressing issues related to European integration and more. In the articles section you can thus find the most up-to-date blogs, analyses, reports and policy briefs by our experts.


REPORT: The Migration Crisis and the EU: Quotas as a Solution?

On 30 June 2017 we organized a debate on the migration crisis in Hradec Králové, from which a report is now available.

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REPORT: Serbia's road to EU membership: Challenges and Opportunities?

In cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in the Czech Republic we organized a lecture on Serbia's road to EU membership held by Tanja Miščević – Head of the Negotiating Team for the Accession of Serbia to the EU. The report is now available.

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REPORT: Prague Climate Talks: Paris Agreement and changing geopolitics

On June 21st, 2017, we organized the first event from our pilot project Prague Climate Talks: Paris Agreement and changing geopolitics, from which a report is now available.

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INVITATION: The Migration Crisis and the EU: Quotas as a Solution?

We would like to cordially invite you on the debate tackling the topic of migration and the EU, which will take place on June 30, 2017, from 16:00 at Café Náplavka (Náměstí 5. května 835, Hradec Králové).

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EuropaSecura 2017

Last week, the tenth year of our project EuropaSecura was marked by a nationwide final round of the competition, taking place in a military base in Brdy. The competing students got to experience what the representatives of the European Union are facing during a crisis situation, as well as learned how diplomatic negotiations take place within the EU and NATO.

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Prague Climate Talks

We are proud to present our pilot project aimed at establishing a platform for continued high-level discussion on the complex issue of climate change: Prague Climate Talks. The project will host a series of debates with experts, professionals from varying relevant fields and the general public.

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Think Visegrad Fellowship 2017

EUROPEUM is one of eight receiving institutions taking part in the Think Visegrad Fellowship program.

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Civil Servant Mobility Program: Educational management (February 2017)

We organized another Civil Servant Mobility Program study trip from February 13 to February 18, 2017. The project, realized within the Think Visegrad platform, was focused on sharing experience in the field of educational management in the Czech Republic with a selected civil servants from Ukraine. The group consisted of three directors of schools from three Ukrainian regions.

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Articles and publications

France and the V4 in a multi-speed Europe: rough times ahead?

Our Martin Michelot, in his latest policy paper, explores the relationship of France and the Visegrad group from a perspective of Macron's strategies, a possible multi-speed scenario and a political Franco-German axis, outlining the long-term prospect of cooperation.

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Does the EU Have the Right Policy for Hungary and Poland?

Our director Vladimír Bartovic contributed with his answer to the Carnegie Europe series 'Judy Asks,' where he responded to the question whether the EU has the right policy for Hungary and Poland.

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Same-sex marriage in Germany: A lost vote for Merkel, or a part of canny politics?

In her latest blog, our Elli Hoai Anh analyzes the vote on same-sex marriage in Germany from a standpoint of Merkel's party politics.

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The Consequences of Climate Change – Will Russia Emerge as an Unlikely Winner from Lack of Action?

Our Alžběta Jurčová analyses in her new blog the consequences of climate change in context of Russia.

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In the media

Newsroom ČT24: The alleged ban on crusty-baked bread in Europe

Our Alexandr Lagazzi commented for Newsroom ČT24 on an European initiative aiming to regulate the amount of acrylamide in foods and its media backlash in the Czech Republic.

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ČRo Plus: The Czech Republic received more than it contributed to the EU budget. A surplus of 16,5 billion CZK by mid-year

The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic released a report about the development of the balance of income and expenses towards the EU. How is the Czech Republic using the potential of European funds? Our fellow researcher Michal Vít answered these questions for ČRo Plus.

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ČRo: Free movement of workers will end with Brexit

Zuzana Stuchlíková was answering for CRo Plus questions about stopping free movement of workers after Britain leaves the EU.

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EU: Final warning to Poland

Our Zuzana Stuchlikova commented for current situation in Poland due to controversial judicial reforms and country's tense relationship with the EU.

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