iRozhlas: The French are voting again, Macron's movement is leading

In an interview for iRozhlas, our deputy director Martin Michelot commented on the recent second round of parliamentary elections in France. What should we know about the French parliamentary elections, and what impact does it have on the country?

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iDnes: Le Pen is betting on personal attacks, but Macron also searched for conflicts

In an interview for iDnes our Martin Michelot presented and discussed the pre-voting dynamics of the French presidential elections, the tactics of both candidates and possible scenarios for the forthcoming legislative elections.

Show more France is nervous and insecure, says expert Martin Michelot

Our deputy director Martin Michelot commented for Sprá on the developments of the French presidential race, as the first round takes place today, April 23.

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Martin Michelot's French elections spotlight

Our Deputy Director's takes on the French presidential elections, in chronological order and continuously updated.

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Hospodářské noviny: The French are divided and disappointed. The majority is not going to vote, or will for extremists; says political scientist

Martin Michelot on the upcoming french election in an interview for Hospodářské noviny.

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Respekt: Regardless of who wins, I don't think the French voters would want to leave the EU

In an interview for Respekt, our deputy director Martin Michelot commented on the French presidential elections and euroscepticism.

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RTVS: Martin Michelot commented on the return of jihadists to Europe

Our Deputy Director Martin Michelot commented on RTVS the return of jihadists back to European countries.

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ČT24: France year after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo

Martin Michelot, guest of Události, commented on the current state of France, one year after the attacks on the French journal.

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French foreign policy has to be reconsidered

In the wake of the November 13 Paris attacks, French president Francois Hollande decided to intensify the French military operations to a level politically and financially unbearable in the long term.

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France is fighting on multiple fronts

Martin Michelot writes for Hospodářské noviny about France's military strategy following the terrosist attacks of 13th November. He examines its strenghts and weaknesses.

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