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ČT24: Angela Merkel's fourth term

Vít Havelka commented on Angela Merkel being elected to serve fourth term as German Chancellor.

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ČRo Plus: Who is the winner in the Italian election?

Our Alexandr Lagazzi commented for Český rozhlas on the results of Italian parliamentary elections which were held on Sunday.

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RTVS: The victory of populists and eurosceptics

Alexandr Lagazzi commented on the results of the parliamentary elections in Italy for the Slovak Radio RTVS.

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TA3: A. Lagazzi on the Italian parliamentary elections

What to expect on the Italian political scene after the elections? Alexandr Lagazzi reviewed the results of the parliamentary elections in Italy.

Show more Slovakia will discuss the future of the EU

How will the European Union look like in the future and what is the role of Slovakia in this future?

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ČRo: EU budget after Brexit commentary

Zuzana Stuchlíková in an interview for Český Rozhlas comments on the situation around the changes in the EU budget related to Brexit.

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HN: You are Europe - Czechs are not very interested in the EU, yet they are the most critical of it

Czechs are by far the most critical of all Central European countries. While in Hungary only 9 percent of people are in favor of leaving the EU, 34 percent is in Czech Republic.

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TA3: The background of Italian elections

Alexandr Lagazzi commented for TA3 the upcoming general election in Italy.

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ČRo Plus: the Czech Republic would remain in the EU

Vladimír Bartovic in an interview with ČRo Plus describes the results our opinion polls conducted in the Czech Republic on matters of the European Union.

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Radio Praha: Czech EU support most lukewarm in Central Europe

Amid recent heightened talk about the possibilities a Czech exit from the European Union or a referendum about it, a survey of five Central Europe countries has sought to gauge how positive local populations are towards the European concept.

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