Novoye Vremya: Бонжур, месье

Náš Martin Michelot přispěl do článku na Novoye Vremya o Emmanuelovi Macronovi.

Macron challenged the established political system and in less than a year left the traditional political parties behind. Such achievement can help him in the future to overcome the deep polarization of the French political system.

Macron will have to accept the situation when several of its ministers and, possibly, even the Prime Minister, will be represented by other political forces.

The publication of MacronLeaks clearly strengthened Macron's desire not to give any indulgence to Russia; It is in this area [of relations with the Russian Federation] that they will be closely watched.

Macron's work experience in the government and knowledge of all the nuances of the French economy make him a unique specialist who could restore the growth and competitiveness of his country.

Celý článek (v ruském jazyce) si můžete zobrazit stažením souboru (tlačítko PDF) v příloze.

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